Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Hardy Little Christmas

This is our first Christmas here at our new house. Since we knew that we wouldn't be here on the actual day of Christmas, we celebrated it a few days early!
We all slept in the morning that we were going to celebrate. I think we got downstairs around 8:45am. Hailee saw all of the presents and got so excited! We asked her if she wanted to open them and she immediately ran over and started tearing the paper off of the boxes! She had such a great time and it was so exciting to see how much she enjoyed everything she got. We had a great "Christmas Day!" We went on a long family walk, took naps and then enjoyed a yummy dinner that night!

Playing with her new vanity set

Having a tea party with Daddy

A couple of of the gifts Gregg got me

Hailee's gift to Daddy

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Emily said...

That is a very clever idea! We did that as a family once growing up, we had Christmas two weeks after christmas, because my grandpa died. It was still magical and we got to celebrate it with family on the day of in ca and so that was nice (we had been living in UT when he died). Merry Christmas and I am so happy you are getting a little boy, it will be heaven I am sure to have one of each! :) Love you, Em