Thursday, July 31, 2008


On Tuesday July 29th, it was Hailee's FIRST EARTHQUAKE! It was a 5.4 centered in Chino Hills, not too far from Corona! And wow, did we feel it! Hailee and I were home alone and I was sitting on the couch feeding her a bottle and Bailey started barking like CRAZY! All of a sudden the house started SHAKING! It took me a few seconds to even realize that it was an earthquake! For some reason I thought a plane was crashing into our house! But as soon as I did realize that it wasn't a plane and that it was an EARTHQUAKE, I ran to the kitchen table with Hailee and we hid under it for cover! As soon as we got under the table, I realized that we were facing the sliding glass door and I thought to myself "Shoot, if that breaks we will be screwed with a face full of glass!" So, I hurry and turned around underneath the table, and while I did that, I WHACKED the top of my head super hard on the table and CUT it! At first I didn't think anything of it, except for the fact that it REALLY HURT, but once the earthquake stopped I felt my head and it was BLEEDING! Wow, how sad that I cut my head! But at least nothing serious happened to Hailee or me!
Gregg was at the hospital for work and told me that was a crazy experience. This was his FIRST earthquake that he remembers ever being in! But the interesting thing about hospitals are that they are built on rollers, so once the earthquake was over, the hospital continued to roll for a while. Everyone acted normal and continued on with their work.
My Mom and Ricky were at Lowes and said that the big ceiling pipes sounded like THUNDER and everyone started running out and screaming and confused! My Mom and Ricky stayed inside trying to figure out what to do! Thankfully nothing fell on them and they were safe!
My Dad and Kipper were both at work and they saw buildings swaying! That would have been an awesome sight to see!
Well, that's where we all were during this earthquake!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

8 Months of Heaven

So every month I say that I can't believe how fast time flys by! But, I am being so serious! I can't believe that yesterday 7/26/08, Hailee turned 8 MONTHS old! She is in such a fun stage! She crawls everywhere, pulls up to a standing position on anything she can get her hands on and babble talks so much! The only hard part is that for about a week or so now, she has been MAJORLY FUSSY! We think her top two teeth are coming in because her gums are very swollen, so I am hoping that is what is causing this fussiness. But other than that, she is our piece of Heaven that we get to live with everyday. We honestly could have not asked for a better daughter! We love her so much and are so proud of all her!

Yesterday we went on an awesome hike with the family! I will say that we did that to celebrate Hailee's 8 month birthday! We went up to Mt. Baldy. Honestly, this hike was the closest thing to Utah hiking. It was beyond beautiful, especially knowing that it was here in So Cal! We hiked up to the Saddle back, and then came back down. Along most of the trail there was a river with small waterfalls and pine trees! So BEAUTIFUL! Hailee did so good the entire time! We all had so much fun and will be definitely going on this hike again. It sure was a perfect day! Kipper brought Echo and he was the all time most awesome, tough dog up there. The other dogs were all little yippee dogs!She loved drinking out of Grandmas camel back.
We made it to Saddle back. Awesome 7 mile hike!

Hailee absolutely LOVED the dirt!

She also loved trying to eat the rocks!

Gregg finding his way under the fallen tree

Petrified tree

Uncle Ricky in the freezing cold water

Mom and Dad (aka Grandma and Grandpa)

You can definitely tell if someone had fun by how dirty they got. She must have had a blast!

On Friday July 25 2008, My Mom, Ricky and I took some of our clients from work on an 11 mile hike up to the Doppler on Skyline! It was alot of fun! They all did so good and we are so proud of all of the progress and hard work that they have been putting in these past couple of months!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Silly Goose

We just can't get enough Hailee in a day! I know that we are with her 24/7, but they just need to make days LONGER so we will have more time with her! She is growing up way to fast! It is definately SO exciting, but at the same time, I wish each stage was longer because we enjoy it so much!

Well, Uncle Ricky (how cute sounding, huh!?!) is back down from college. Hailee and Ricky have a special bond with eachother. They both have a passion for music. You wouldn't think that a baby could have that type of passion at so young, but she does. She absolutely LOVES to hit the keys on the piano. Her favorite show was American Idol. She could sit for almost the whole show just watching and listening to the music. Funny thing is that her favorite was Jason Castro! (Sick is you might ask me!) But as soon as he came on, she immediately would turn to the tv to watch him! It was so funny! Anyways, I'm totally getting off of the subject, but like I said, Uncle Ricky is back in town and on Tuesday July 22nd, we celebrated his 22nd birthday! It was so much fun! He had a few friends over and all of our family and wow.... what a LOUD and FUN night! Happy Birthday again Rick!

On July 21st and 23rd (bear with me for the exact dates, this is so I will remember) we just played with Hailee around the house, and of course, took pictures! Here are some pictures of our sweet little girl.
Hailee's new shoes
She loves her crib!Helping Mom with laundryWiped out after a long, hard day of playing

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our life...

I was reading one of my friend’s blog posts and she had said that you could get your blog bound into a book. So, since I hate scrapbooking and writing in journals, but I LOVE blogging, this is now going to be our "scrapbook/journal". So bear with me because I am going to be posting ALOT more pictures and random things that go on in our lives...especially Hailee's. So, what has been going on with the Hardy Family? I’ll start from the past and work our way to what we have been up to most recently.

On June 15th, Hailee’s FIRST tooth came in! It was so exciting! Then her second tooth came in about a week later! She looks so cute with her two pearly white teeth!
On July 11th, Hailee hit a HUGE milestone! She started crawling! It was so cute because at first, she would crawl with one leg straight out and the other one under her body. It was kind of like a tri-pod crawl. It only took her a few days to really get the “crawling thing” down. Now she crawls everywhere! It is so much fun and we absolutely LOVE that she is crawling! Other than the fact that we haven’t baby proofed the house yet, it does make everything so much EASIER because she is able to get to where she wants to go! Along with her crawling, she has also learned how to pull herself up on everything.
A few weeks ago for the first time, I went in Hailee’s room to get her out of bed, and she was sitting up playing with her toys! I couldn’t believe it! She is like Little Miss Independent now! Now she is standing up in her crib waiting for us to come and get her! It’s so amazing how fast they grow up!
The weekend of July 12th my Grandpa Ginos came into town. This same weekend our cousin Sheri and her daughter Alyssa were also in town. It was a lot of fun! We met up with everyone and went out to lunch. That evening, everyone came over for swimming and Wii.

Proof that Hailee LOVES her walker. She wore holes in her socks!
This past Saturday, July 19th, we met up with our friends Josh, Jessica and Riley Fisher at the beach. Other than the fact that it was FREEZING cold, we ended up in sweatshirts and Hailee wasn’t a fan of the whole beach experience, we had a lot of fun! We only stayed at the beach for a few hours, and then we headed to Denny’s to get some nice WARM food. Can you believe that? A freezing cold day at the beach in July? We sure cant!

Thinking about if she likes the sand...

First time in the was SOOOO COLD!Daddy helping her get her feet wet...not quite sure if she's diggin this whole COLD water thing...Nope...she doesn't! I don't blame her though!
Watching her lil friend Riley with her dad Josh out in the water. Riley LOVES the ocean! She is one tough little girl!

Our little mermaid
Last night, July 20th, we went to Kip and Sarah’s house for dinner. It was a lot of fun! Hailee and their dog Echo loved each other! I was honestly shocked that Hailee wasn’t afraid of him at all! But why would she? She isn’t afraid of the vacuum, broom or any crazy thing that most babies are afraid of! She is sure a brave one!