Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Whole LOT of NEW Adventures!

There have been so many "New Adventures" these past couple of weeks with our family! It has been so much fun! Hailee is continuing to grow and amaze us so much everyday! She is such a character and has so much personality!
Hailee loves to steal Bailey's (the dog) bed from him. The other morning he was asleep in it and Hailee sat right down in front of it and started poking him. That didn't wake him up so she took her binki out of her mouth and started shoving it in his! (Don't worry, I washed it really good after wards!) He opened his eyes and groaned but still didn't move. Finally she got fed up with him enough that she picked up his paw, dropped it, picked it up,dropped it, and finally he got so annoyed that he got up and went downstairs! Hailee was so happy! She drug his bed down the hall and sat in it. I picked her up to put a towel under her so she would stay clean, and she hung out in the bed the whole time I did my hair and make up! I don't know what it is about Bailey's bed, but she LOVES it!
Some mornings Hailee is a stinker and won't sit in her high chair to eat I decided to let her start eating breakfast at her own table...and she LOVES it! So, almost every breakfast now is eaten here!

Hailee is "Just Chillin" with her breakfast!
We have a climber for a daughter! Anything she can get a toe hold on, she climbs up. And if she can't, then she will find a chair to move over to where she is so she can get what she wants! The other morning she kept having us hold her up to the microwave so she could play, then when we weren't in there, she decided she could do it on her own! When we came back in the room to check on her, this is what we found!

These next are just a couple of cute pictures of her!

This next one if more of a new adventure for Daddy. We'll call it "Daddy Day Care!' This past Thursday night Gregg watched Hailee and her friend Deacon while Shannon and I were at the studio working out. It started off hard...this was Deacon's first time being with a babysitter who wasn't family, and Hailee was hungry. They both started crying but Gregg did an awesome job! He was able to feed both, wash their hands, and got them having so much fun! Even Grandpa joined in on the fun! It was so cute see Gregg playing with the kids and having the kids being so happy! Great job Gregg! Love you babe!
And lastly, on Friday (2/20) we went snowboarding with the Moyer's and we brought the kids! I'm not going to lie, I was really nervous with bringing Hailee. I knew that she would not have a nap, or her toys and that we would be gone the entire day! When we got there, the guys let Shannon and I hit the slope first, and after an hour of boarding, we switched with the guys. Then we went as couples! It was so much fun! The snow was actually really good and the weather was perfect! We didn't have to wear jackets or gloves!
The day ended up being AWESOME! Hailee and Deacon did so good! Neither of them fussed, they both took naps for a while, and the LOVED playing outside of the lodge! We are so excited to go back now! It was also so cool because there were so many families there with little kids and the parents would just switch out! I never even knew that families with little kids would still go snowboarding with their kids there! Guess I never paid attention, but now that we have a little one....I have realized that everyone does it!
"Hey you...over there....SLOW DOWN!!!!"
It definitely has been so fun with these new adventures in life! Can't wait to see what this week brings!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had such a wonderful Valentine's Day! My sweet husband had 3 dozen long stem roses delivered to me two days before Valentine's Day, so I could enjoy them before the holiday too! They are so beautiful! He is such an amazing husband and I am so blessed to be married to him!
We spent Valentine's Day enjoying eachothers company. We both had extremely busy weeks and barely saw each other, so it was so nice for us to relax and spend time as a family. We opened our gifts, played with Hailee and her new table that Gregg picked out for her and just had such a good time seeing one another. We also enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. It is very rare to have everyone home all at the same time! We had such a great day!

That afternoon, Hailee got a knock on the door, and she had a special surprise! Deacon came over to give her a Valentine gift! And Hailee had one for him too! It was just too cute! They are already such cute friends and we are so excited that they will grow up being such pals! (And maybe one day more! )
Playing catch up....
Hailee absolutely LOVES to play in her doll house. The funny thing is though that who ever is playing with her has to be inside the play house too! She will take your hand and pull you in! The other night was hilarious- I got home from work and my Mom and Hailee were in the playhouse. Hailee came out and as soon as my Mom started to crawl out, Hailee pushed her back in! Each time my Mom would try to get out, Hailee wouldn't let her! It was so funny! She has had all of us in there with her- My Mom (Grandma), Dad (Grandpa) Daddy (Gregg) Mommy (Me) and Bailey the dog! She is such a nut!
Lastly, on Feb. 6th, we went to Kip and Sarah's to find out that they are having a baby girl! We were so excited to hear the news! Hailee and Brooke and going to grow up having so much fun! Congrats Kipper and Sarah! You will LOVE having a girl! Sarah's sister Amanda was there with her kids and Hailee and her daughter MaKenna had alot of fun playing!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Something I never want to forget...

I love my little girl to pieces! Especially the touching moments that we share together. One of my favorite times I spend with her is when I am rocking her to sleep. There is nothing better than to hold her close, looking down at her and seeing how peaceful she is. It really takes your breath away. Tonight was especially one of those unforgettable nights. As I was rocking her, I was running my fingers through her hair. She was cuddled up close to me, her eyes part way open, and then she opened her eyes all the way, and put her hand next to my head and starting running her fingers through my hair. Moments like these make you realize what a blessing the smallest things in life can be and that sometimes its the small things that truly let you know that you are loved. I definitely don't want to forget the time we shared tonight. She really is the sweetest thing ever!

(And I can't do a post with out adding pictures, so here are a couple of pictures from today!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where Have the Hardy's Been?!?

So I know that it has only been a few weeks since our last post, but for me, it feels like it has been FOREVER! I have been such a SLACKER! So, now it's time for an update!
Hailee has a new "best friend"! His name is Deacon. He is such a stud and they are seriously SO CUTE together! His Mom Shannon and I always laugh and joke around that they will marry one day! It is just so much fun having them and us as friends! (Jan. 23. '09)

Deacon giving Hailee her first kiss!

I forgot the exact dates, but Gregg made a trip up to Washington to visit some of his family. He loved playing with his niece Eli and nephew Skyler!

The past week Hailee has been sick (again!) She had a 104 degree temperature and wasn't sleeping during the nights. It definitely made it hard on me! On Sunday night, Hailee woke up around 10:30pm screaming! I couldn't figure out what was going on. I tried calming her down, and after about a half an hour, she finally became calm. She was dripping in sweat and then she would start shaking! Gregg was at work, and I was so scared! I decided I would take her to the emergency room to get her checked out. Big mistake! Okay, so I never realized how many people have "emergencies" because when my Dad and I got there , which was about a little after 11pm, it was packed full of people! They waiting room was filled and there were people laying out in the hallways! We checked her in and they couldn't tell us how long it would be. There was only one doctor on. I talked to another mom who was there with her son and they had been waiting for over 2 hours already! After an hour of waiting, we decided to just go home and try to get her back to sleep and take her to her doctor in the morning. On Monday, I was able to get her in to the doctors and she checked out pretty good- no ear aches or sore throat (isn't that how is always happens? The day you take your kid in they are all of sudden doing much better! lol) but he is thinking it is another UTI since she had the same symptoms as the last time she had one. So, now we are waiting for the results from the lab! It's always so hard to see her in so much pain and not know how to make her feel better. We love her so much and hopes she gets 100% feeling better!

Hailee playing on the storage container lid

On Tuesday, we decided to take her down to the studio to get out of the house for a while since she had been home all weekend sick. She had so much fun! (Good sign she is feeling much better!) I have to admit, we have a strong little girl! She was in Heaven doing bicep curls, chasing the swiss balls around, and she even tried doing military presses with the hand weights! It was so funny because when she raised her arms above her shoulders, the weight toppled her over backwards! We didn't have to coach her into doing any of the moves, she just already knew what to do! She is definitely going to be the 3rd generation of girls in the fitness field!

And lastly, this is a picture from this morning! She is such a doll!