Sunday, May 31, 2009

House Update

On Friday May 29th we "officially" received the keys to our home! We were so excited!
If anyone is looking for a good realtor, we highly recommend ours!
We have so many projects going on right now for the house! It is so fun being a home owner already! We are so excited to finish everything and move in so we can call it our "home"! Thank you to Mom, Dad (Grandma / Grandpa) Kipper and Sarah and Dave and Cheryl (Grandpa and Grandma Hardy) for all your hard work, babysitting of Hailee and our furniture! We love and appreciate all you guys do for us. Thank you so much.

Starting of the projects:

First step: Always tape and caulk before painting. Hailee loved helping Uncle Dew!

Gregg tiling Hailee's Bathroom:
Starting to paint the downstairs:
Hailee's Room:
Next step: Cut and install chair rail on her walls.
Master Bath Tile:
Painting our bedroom!

Next steps:
Finishing tile jobs, painting, chair rails, carpet installation, cleaning house, and then moving in! Yeah!!! This has been such an exciting experience for us and we feel truly blessed to have this as our home!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One and a half years....

One and a half years ago, our beautiful daughter was born! Wait, what??? How did time fly by so FAST???!!!??? We can't believe that today Hailee is 18 months old! She is growing up so fast! I always tell her to stay little for me, but she doesn't seem to be listening. Maybe one day I will get lucky and she will decide to stay little forever! =)
Some things about Hailee:
*She wears size 18-2T clothing. (She still wears some 12 month shirts too)
*She is about a 1/2 - 1 inch taller then all her friends who are about the same age as her.
*She loves her baby! We take her every where. When we go to any store, I let Hailee take her own baby stroller and she pushes her baby every where. (And I keep the back pack leash on her so I don't lose her) She also plays with her dolly like it is a real baby. She talks to her, puts diapers on her, feeds, washes and rocks her to sleep!
*She is loving to play in water so much more now! She loves to play in her little pool, in the spa, and with the hose.
*She gets so excited when ever she sees a dog. She is a huge dog lover. Doesn't matter the size, she wants to play with it anyways!
*She still loves to be rocked to sleep for her naps and bedtime.
*She has to have silverware when she eats.
*Finally lets me brush and floss her teeth easily. No more pinning her down to get the brush in her mouth!
*Refuses to wear hair clips in her hair for a long period of time. And pony/pig tails? Forget about that! Hopefully she will let me do her hair again soon!
*Loves to play house, to have pretend tea parties/iron and fold all of her clothes on a daily basis
*Loves gardening with Grandma and Grandpa
*Not afraid of any loud noises! My Dad was jack hammering out side, and she wanted to be right there to watch everything!
*Loves to dance, play ring around the rosies, go to the park, play with friends, play with family, and loves to play with all her toys.
*Loves to stand on the chair by the kitchen sink to help with dishes
*Loves to help clean
*Loves her cocoa bottles
*Loves being outside. If she could....we would be outside 24/7
*Loves to sit at the computer, pretend to type, talk on the phone and take notes all at the same time! She is so funny!
*Climbs up/on/over/under everything!
*Loves to sit on the big girl potty! Once we move and get settled in, I am going to tackle potty training with her! As soon as her diapers are wet, she lets us know, and she wants to sit on the potty! I'm hoping she will be easy for potty training!
*She is such a TOUGH girl! She can fall/get banged, bruised up/run into or off things and she doesn't cry! She jumps right up and continues on her way!
*She doesn't walk...she RUNS everywhere!
*She says so many words now! And when she isn't saying words we can understand, she is jibber jabber talking all the time!
*She has such a tender/sweet heart. She gets concerned when she knows something is wrong.
*She loves to give us kisses and hugs, and to snuggle with us while we watch The Cat and The Hat with her.
*She is our piece of Heaven that we are blessed with to have in our lives everyday! We love you Hailee!

Memorial Day Weekend:
We started the weekend off by going on a date...just Gregg and I! It has been sooooooooo long since just the TWO of us have gone out...and it was so fun! We went to the Cheesecake Factory, and then to Wal-mart! lol. We were laughing as we were walking out of the store how much life has changed since being married and having a kid. We had such a good time eating slowly... not having to devour our food so we could play with Hailee...and being able to take our time in the store and actually being able to look in all the different sections on the store! Thanks Mom for watching Hailee!
From Thursday until today, we also were house sitting for our friends. It was fun! We definitely got alot of use out of their pool!
On Saturday, we went down to our house and started CLEANING!!!! Yeah!!! It was seriously SO much fun to clean! lol. (Okay, well at first I was having a HARD time with it because we had bombed the house to kill all the spiders and bugs, and when I was cleaning, I ran into some DEAD black widows and STILL freaked!!! But once I got over it, I enjoyed cleaning!!)
Next step: Finish cleaning, paint, tile, carpet and then move in! Yeah!
On Monday, we spent the day with my family and had a great BBQ and then went swimming! Gregg had to go to work that night, so he isn't in these swimming pictures. Bummer! We missed him but we were glad he was able to be there for the BBQ!
We had such a great weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Let Summer Begin!

(Warning: Lots of pictures and lots of events!!!)

Tonight, May 16 2009 my Mom, Hailee and I went to Tom's Farm's for the KFI "Heads on a Stick" with John and Ken big tax revolt rally! It was so much fun! We made posters to hold up, we chanted the "Heads on a Stick" and "No No No" with the crowds! There were soooo many people there! This rally was
against the hacks and their taxes! Everyone came with their anger to this mandatory mob meeting! People had all sorts of signs, costumes and pinatas! Towards the end of the rally, they had a pinata of Governor Schwarzenegger hanging from a rope! I have to admit...that part was a little creepy to watch!

Some of the crowd


Even Hailee had so much fun! She clapped and cheered too!
And check out this snake that slithered right across my Mom's foot! She didn't even know it was a snake when it happened! How scary!

Tom's Farms Family Trip

May 9th, we went as a family to Tom's Farms. It was our first time taking Hailee there and she LOVED it! She was in HEAVEN with all of the little animals! It was so cute because she pushed her baby doll right up to the fence where the animals were and then she started talking to her baby and pointing at the animals! (Oh, her new thing is taking her baby everywhere! And it is so cute because she thinks her baby is real. She feeds it, changes her diaper, talks to it and gives it hugs and kisses every day! She is such cutie!)
We had a great time and can't wait to take her back again!

She loved the fake horses too!

That night when we got home, we had dinner out on the patio! Hailee LOVED eating outside! Then after dinner, she helped Grandma do some gardening! Grandma and Grandpa Robinson are planting a "Grand children's Garden" so when the grand kids come visit , they can pick fresh fruit and vegetables with them! That was always a fun thing we did as kids when we saw out Grandparent's and now it will be fun for our children to be able to do it too!

Park Day!
May 6th we met up with our friends Jessica, Riley, Jen and Jocelyn and the water park here in Corona! It was alot of fun. Hailee isn't too sure about the whole water park part, but she definitely LOVES the playground! It was so fun getting all of these girls back together! They are all a month apart. (Jocy the oldest, Hailee the youngest!)
Being a big girl and climbing up by herself!
She LOVES the slides! Her favorite ones are the ones in the "big kids" playground area. She is so brave!

That night Deacon came over to play with Hailee before they left for Maui for a week! These two kids are so cute together! I am so happy that they are such good friends!
Lastly.... (this should probably be the first event on this post, but oh well!) We close on our house THIS FRIDAY!!! MAY 22nd!!! We are soooo EXCITED!!!! Before we move in, we are painting, tiling and re carpeting the whole house! Here are some "BEFORE" and in a few weeks I will post the "AFTER" pictures!
Yeah for buying our first house!