Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to TWO very special people!

July 18th is TWO very special peoples birthdays that we know! First, is my younger brother Rick's birthday.
Ricky is such an amazing kid. He is so much fun and always up for any type of adventure! He spends his days right now going to BYU-I and his weekends either riding snowmobiles or quads! He is also such a great example to us. He has the softest most kind heart! We love him so much and can't wait for him to come visit in August! Happy Birthday Ricky!

Second is the newest addition to the "family"; my niece Brooke. Brooke Lyn Robinson is the beautiful daughter to Kip and Sarah. She had a rough entry to the world, but you can tell she is already such a strong girl because she came out perfect! She is so sweet and peaceful and we are so happy to have her as a niece! Congrats to Kip and Sarah!

She was born weighing in at 8lbs 9oz and 21 inches long!
Hailee giving her new cousin kisses
Lastly, these pictures are from July 17, 2009. As soon as the weather cools off, Hailee wants to do everything outside! The days have been reaching in high 90's and 100's so the only place we find ourselves at is the pool, but in the evenings Hailee wants to run around and play in the front yard! We have also started eating our dinner out in the front too...which she is LOVING!

Cooling off

Monday, July 13, 2009

Such a Big Girl!

So I know that Hailee would KILL me if she were old enough to understand and read this, but since she is not, I feel like I can get away with this!

For the past few months Hailee has been wanting to sit on the potty more and more. She was starting to understand the concept of what you do on soon as her diaper would be wet, she would run to the bathroom and I would put her on the toilet. Well, today, she put two and two together! I was reading her a book and all of a sudden she slid out of my lap and booked it to the bathroom! I started laughing cuz I was thinking, "she must have just gone in her diaper" but I followed her in anyways. I put her up on the toilet, realizing her diaper was still dry, and then all of a sudden, not only did she go pee pee but she went poo poo too! (haha, I'm such a Mommy using words like those!) We were both so excited!! We clapped our hands and laughed and when she was all done she got a really neat sticker! I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast! I am so proud of her! Hopefully she will keep this up!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July and the beach...

So I feel like I have officially become a slacker on blogging. Life has been so busy (in a fun way) and every night I'm just too tired to post anything! But, I decided tonight I will finally do a post...but be ready...its a long one!
We spent the fourth of July at Sea World with my parents! My husband and I haven't been there since we were little kids (and we didn't remember anything about it either) so we were quite excited to go! We met up with my parents Saturday morning and had a blast! We were hoping that it wouldn't be too busy, which is a crazy thought since it was a holiday, but it honestly didn't feel too crowded at all! I guess we are used to the Disneyland crowds! Hailee also LOVED it there! We went to the dolphin, pet and Shamu show, we saw all kinds of animals, tide pools and we went on all of the rides! They were a blast! We were soaking wet most of the day from the rides and the shows, but it felt soo good! The shows were pretty amazing. Here's the cheesy part of me now.... while watching the shows, you seriously fall in love with the animals! It is just so amazing to see how the trainers and animals work together and respect and love each other! It makes you (well it made me!) want to become a trainer with them! Anyways, we are so excited that we now have season passes there and can't wait to go back! Thanks Mom and Dad for a great day!

When we first got to the park Hailee was unsure about everything...especially this huge walrus thing!

Grandma and Granpa Robinson
They have this play area where kids can run and throw blocks around..Hailee had so much fun in it!Feeding the sea lions

Tide pools with Grandma and Grandpa
Dolphin showAt the end of the day!

This past Friday, July 10th we went down to San Clemente beach. It was alot of fun! Hailee wasn't too exited about it at first but by end of the day she warmed up to it and enjoyed playing in the sand. She never got used to the water, but I don't blame her, I hate going in the ocean too! But we did have an enjoyable time and it felt so good to be back by the water and to get the nice beach tan!