Monday, October 19, 2009

12 Weeks...

I think its about time I start blogging more about my pregnancy! I am 12 weeks along now and am finally starting to feel a little better.
This pregnancy has been real hard on me, emotionally and physically. I don't know if its because its my second or what, but I am so ready for things to get easier! The first 10 weeks I had been nauseous 24/7. I honestly wish I would puke just to get the nasty feeling over, but that never happened. I would wake up nauseous, go through out my day being nauseous and then go to bed still being nauseous! I am so happy that it has mostly gone away!
Other than that, I am still exhausted all the time. The hard thing lately is that Hailee has been horrible at taking naps so I haven't been able to get much of a break or nap.
Other than that, I feel so blessed and grateful to be pregnant again! We are so excited to be having another child on the way. Hailee is so cute with always rubbing my tummy. I don't think she understands that there is a baby in there, but she knows something is happening. (Probably because my stomach is getting so big already!!! Ahh!!!!) But we are thrilled for Hailee to have a sibling and for us to have another baby to call our child!
Here is a horrible 12 week belly shot! I'm just getting ready for bed and looking ghetto and I have a full tummy of food! Maybe I'll re take another one tomorrow so it doesn't look so big! Enjoy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Friday night (Oct. 16th) my Mom came over to our house, and thank goodness she did! As we all know, Hailee absolutely LOVES dancing to Barney! She gets extremely hyper and runs around like crazy to the songs! My Mom and I were watching her and laughing at how funny she was being, when all of a sudden she tripped and took a head dive into the t.v. hutch! She started screaming! We ran over there and her head started swelling up! My Mom was holding her while I was rubbing her back and holding ice to her head when she closed her eyes, and stopped breathing! (Unless her breathing just became extrememly shallow) and then a few seconds later (which seemed like minutes!) she gasped for air and started breathing normally again! It was seriously so scary! I was so happy my Mom was there to not only comfort Hailee, but to comfort me too! Its always so hard to see your little girl get hurt!
This picture doesn't do justice of how it looks. I should have taken another picture of her today because now her eyelid and above her eye is black and blue! But you can see how swollen her eyebrow is! Poor girl! Thankfully she is doing great again! Kids are so tough!Onto a more happier subject, Hailee has a new love for painting! I bought her some finger paints, but she prefers using the paint brushes instead. She is so funny with things being "dirty" now. My Mom had told her about a week ago that her binki was dirty so she threw it right out of her mouth! Every day that she tries to keep her binki in her mouth, we tell her its dirty and she throws it right away! Hopefully we can get her off of one for good! She doesn't want anything to do with dirty stuff now! Such a girl! Love it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

PARTY Weekend!

October 10, 09 Hailee went to her friend Jocelyn's (The girl below in the purple and grey shirt) 2nd birthday party! It was so cute! It was a Care Bear theme and they had care bears everywhere! Hailee had alot of fun! She played with play dough , toys, colored, and did some stick dance thing with the movie that they were playing! Hailee and Jocelyn have known each other since before they could walk! I hope they will be life time friends!

That night Hailee and I spent the night at my parents house. Hailee loves her Grandma and Grandpa time! It's always amazing what she can get Grandma to do! They have such a fun time together!October 11th was my 26th birthday! Holy smokes! When did I get so old! lol. Anyways, our plan was to hit Disneyland to get my free $72.00 gift card! However, things didn't go as smoothly as we would have liked!
So, we were on the tram to Disneyland and I realized....I didn't bring my LICENSE to prove my birthday! I got so mad at myself! Gregg said lets see if when they scan our season passes it brings up your birthday. So I was hoping that would work out and everything would turn out great! Anyways, once we got into the park, the line to the Guest Service area was sooo long! We decided to hit a couple rides and then come back later. Well, that didn't happen. We have never seen Disneyland sooo CROWDED! We have been several times where it has been packed, but NEVER this packed! It was RIDICULOUS! There wasn't a line that was shorter than an hours wait! So, what did we do?? We went on the canoe ride! That was only about a 5 minute wait and now we know why! It's so stupid! You have to row yourself around the whole pond and the people in front of you end up getting you drenched with the nasty water! Once that ride was over, we took the ferry across to the island and explored a little, and then headed back.
Once we got to guest services again (And waited in a long line) we were able to talk to the lady and told her our situation. She scanned my pass and it brought up my birthday as Jan. 1 2000. What?!?! She then sent us over to another building and then they sent us back to the same building where we started at! Luckily, everything worked out in the end. I still got my $72.00 gift card! I guess that hassle was definitely worth it!

Once we got back from Disneyland, we had dinner (BBQ Chicken Chopped favorite!) that my Mom had ready for us, and then I opened gifts!
The first half of my gifts were easy to open. I would pick one up and just open it! However, the second set of gifts (which were from Gregg) wasn't so simple! Every holiday he comes up with some kind of scavenger hunt, balloon popping with darts or game that I have to play to earn my presents! Well, the game he made up was HILARIOUS! I had to choose all these different doors which led to other doors which led to questions and then to making Hailee laugh (Which was actually hard....she was so tired and grumpy!) to arm wresting my Mom! It was such a fun game and night! I loved all of my presents and thank you Gregg, Hailee, Mom and Dad for such a fun night!
I have been wanting an apron for a while now, and look how cute these aprons are! My Mom made Hailee and I one so she can help me out in the kitchen!

Thanks to everyone else who made my birthday so special!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Carnival

Hailee and I went to a Halloween carnival at the elementary school by our house on October 9th with our friend Jenn and her daughters. It was a really cute carnival. The games were pretty cheesy, but Hailee still had a great time! I love the holidays and all of the festivities that go on! Makes the holidays so much fun! She played the sucker game and won tickets each time for picking the sucker with the yellow bottoms!

She played the fishing game. She won a coupon for a free gold fish, but I asked the person if we could trade it in for another ticket! I know, how sad of me to do that! But I really didn't want to take care of a fish that would probably die after a week!
Enjoying her sucker!
Morgan and Hailee
Hailee and McKayla

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Time

October 6th we met up with our friends, the Moyer's, at the pumpkin patch in Corona! It is always alot of fun when we get together with them!
Deacon and Hailee hitting the pumpkin decorations. The lady that was working there kept giving dirty looks but never said anything, so we kept letting them do it!Gregg tried taking Hailee on the quad ride, but she wasn't having it! So we got our tickets back.We decided to try the petting zoo instead! Hailee wouldn't let us put her down but at least she wasn't crying! She loved looking at the baby bunnies and pigs!
We had a great time and are so excited for the holidays!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Fun

We are LOVING the new fall weather! It has been so nice! We are able to keep the windows opened all day and don't have to run our AC at night!
Since the fall weather is here, that means we are able to play outside more! So, we decided to celebrate and bought Hailee a new outdoor play slide! She absolutely LOVES it. The first day we had it, she played on it for an HOUR straight! Since then, she still plays on it through out the entire day!
This past weekend we met up with Gregg's cousins, The Hardys. (Kenny, Kristi and their six kids and Julie and Karen) We met them at Disneyland and had so much fun! I have NEVER seen it that crowded before, it took us an hour from once we exited the freeway until we were able to park (which was like a mile away! The parking structure was completely FILLED and we were sent to the boon-docks!) But we were still able to have a great time! Hailee LOVED seeing her cousins, especially Kennedy! We can't wait until we can see them all again!I love these next two pictures of Hailee! She is such a little model for the camera!The daddy's and their girls!

I was bummed I wasn't able to get a group shot, but I think that might have been almost impossible with that many kids! But I'm glad we got a few!