Monday, November 19, 2007

39 Weeks!

So, I am now 39 weeks along and hopefully I only have one more week until Hailee is born (But, if she does come early....we sure won't be complaining!) I have to say that pregnancy is so easy! I really lucked out and didn't have any morning sickness, I was able to keep up my running until 7 months, and since then I have continued walking on a daily basis. It's been alot of fun! I have really enjoyed it and I am honestly going to kind of miss being pregnant; BUT I am way more excited to be able to hold Hailee in my arms and for us to be able to play with her. Im also really excited to get back into shape and start running again. So, we will definately be keeping everyone posted on when she is born!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Firefighter Tribute

Click on "Firefighter Tribute" to see a cool video.
Worth watching!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yesterday our good friends Brian and Laura took us to their "secret fishing pond" where they said we would be guaranteed to catch some fish. Well, with my history of fishing (which is not good..everytime I have been, I haven't caught anything!) I was pretty doubtful that I would actually catch something. So, I was really hoping that this trip would be different. I did warn everyone that I might be bad luck, so if everyone doesn't catch anything, then they would know who to blame! But HA! I wasn't bad luck this time! We all ended up catching fish! It was so fun and I was so proud of my lil fish that I caught! Once we were all done, we pulled out the handy dandy lil fish scale that my parents had bought Gregg last year so we could measure each fish to determine who's was the biggest. And can you guess who's was? GREGG'S was! His fish was huge! He was so excited and so proud of it! It was so cute! So, today he took our fish to work so him and his crew can eat them for dinner! Hopefully they will be good!