Tuesday, September 29, 2009

She is going to be an awesome sister!

That's right! Hailee is going to be an awesome BIG sister! I'm pregnant! We are so excited to be having baby #2 on the way! I'm a little over 9 weeks now! My due date is May 4 2010, but I will be scheduled April 26th for a c-section! We are so excited to be bringing another special spirit into our family! We feel really blessed!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The BEST Mud Run EVER!

On Sept 12 2009, we ran the Mud Run in San Bernardino. We have done the one at Camp Pendelton a few times, and let me tell you....this one is not only TEN times HARDER but its a MILLION times BETTER! More MUD, more WATER and they even had helicopters dropping smoke bombs and grenades going off through out the race! You seriously felt like you were in a real boot camp! It was AMAZING! Can't wait to do it again next year! I LOVE mud!
Our group! Before we are all muddy! That water was FREEZING!Go Mom!Trying to make my way gracefully through the mud....Forget it! I'm going all in!Great job Mom and Kipper!
My friend Jen and I!
Us after!

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend (Sept 5th 2009) We went back down to Paradise Point. The first day it was just my Mom , Hailee and I. We had a blast going to the beach and the pools!

On Saturday, we headed up to my Aunt Diane's house with my Mom for my aunts surprise party! We met up with my Dad, and then after the party, I headed home because we had company coming into town that next day!

Hailee getting ready for the party
On Monday (Labor Day) Gregg, Hailee and I went back down to Paradise Point to hang out with my parents for the day! We swam all day and Hailee was in heaven!
Dad relaxing on the beach What a cute family!
Mom feeding the ducks! She was brave!

We had a great weekend! The weather was perfect and we look forward to going back down again!

It's Working!

So our computer has been messed up FOREVER.... and tonight my Dad was able to fix it for us! It has been KILLING me not being able to blog every couple of days! So now I have soooo much to catch up on! Be ready for LOTS of pictures!

Summer Part 2!
We have spent ALOT of days at the pool this summer! Nothing better than soakin' up the rays and splashing around in the cold water when its 105 degrees outside! We have had several friends and family join us in the pool time play!
Hailee also loves to take her dolly to the pool to swim! She pulls her baby around everywhere!
This past summer, Hailee has also learned how to swim with her floaties on! She also LOVES to jump off the side of the pool (with no one catching her) and goes under the water and comes back up laughing and wants to do it all over again! She is such a water girl and so many times this summer people have called her the copper tone baby! She definitely had the tan lines to be one!
Hailee with her cousins (Krissy's boys)
Hailee and my cousin Shannon
While Shannon was in town, we had a girls night out! It was alot of fun!

The weekend of August 16th my family went down to our favorite hotel, Paradise Point. My cousin Shannon was in town too, so she came with! It was alot of fun! We spent the weekend at the hotel and Sea World. It was also alot of fun because Rick was down from school and was able to come with us too! We had a blast at Sea World! We went on all of the adult water rides and got SOAKED! Those rides are seriously so much fun! We also spent alot of time out by the pools at the resort. The last day we were in San Diego we went down to Mission Beach and shopped, rode the roller coaster (Which I will probably never do again! That thing was so rough! I swear I thought my head was going to fall off!) and walked the boardwalk! Gregg was missed this whole trip. We was stuck at work =( Hopefully the next time he can come!
This is what it takes for Hailee and I to go away for a weekend!Our favorite poolSwimming with Grandma and GrandpaWatching a movie by the poolEating a snack with GrandpaPictures from around the resortAt Sea World...with Uncle Ricky!Making sure Brooke is okay!How cute! Brother and sister with their kids!The group!Mission BeachI was so proud of myself for braiding Hailee's hair! I was shocked she sat still long enough to let me do both sides! It turned out pretty good for the very first time!