Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy 4 Months!

Wow! We can't believe that Hailee is already 4 months now! (She turned 4 months yesterday!) She is such a joy in our lives and we are so blessed to have her as our daughter! She is such a silly girl already! She has sooo much personality, looks and expressions. She keeps us laughing all of the time! She has this new sound she makes... it sounds almost like a growl! She does it when she is talking to her toys or wants your attention! We have no clue where she got it from! Hailee is also already a lover of music. When my brother Ricky plays the piano, Hailee will sit there and watch him very carefully. Rick started letting Hailee sit on his lap while he plays and now she is working on hitting the piano keys herself. Some other things that Hailee has discovered are laughing and her feet!
Here are a few pictures of what she has been up to these past couple of days!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update from the Hardy's

We hope all of you had a wonderful Easter! We sure did! We went to Rick's single adult ward to listen to him speak...and WOW, he did such a GREAT job! He really brings the spirit in the room when he talks! It was so funny though to see so many young married couples at that ward! After church we had a great BBQ and then went on a "money" Easter egg hunt! My parents filled the eggs with money instead of candy (good choice!) and we had to each take our Easter baskets with us to search for our eggs! It was so cool! It really made us feel like little kids again! Afterwards, we had an AWESOME game of woofle ball up at the school by our house! Below are all of our "SEXY" poses! It was so much fun! (Except for the part when I hit the ball right into Rick's ankle, it left a HUGE welt! I felt so bad!)

Well, Hailee is FINALLY starting to feel better. We found out last week once her test results that she has a urinary tract infection. Not a fun thing for a baby to have at all. She is finally starting to sleep more during the night. I'm only having to get up about 6 times now...still alot, but much better than 10-12 like I had been doing. We hope she recovers fast now that she is on antibiotics. We love her so much and hope this passes quickly!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Being sick = Not fun

This past weekend Hailee has not been feeling very well. To be honest, she hasn't been feeling very well this past month. When we were living in Utah, I took her to the doctors a couple of times to see what was going on and they kept telling me it was probably a virus infection that she had. It has been frustrating because they don't have any medicine for a viral infection, so she seems to get better for a few days, and then she is sick again. Well, this past weekend we could definitely tell she was getting sick again. On Sunday night after an extremely long nap, we woke her up to give her a bottle and she looked HORRIBLE! We took her temperature and it was 103.6! I was so scared because that is EXTREMELY high! Thank goodness for Gregg who is good with dealing with this kind of stuff. We stripped her down and covered her in cool wash cloths to try and get her fever to break. I stayed up with her the whole night making she was okay and giving her Tylenol every four hours. Yesterday her temp. was down to 100.3 so we were all excited thinking that this "bug" was passing right through her, but then again, her temp. rose to a 103.3. This afternoon we took her into the doctors to see what is going on, and after a few tests, the doctor told us that she has a bacterial infection. No fun! He gave us some medicine to help her get better, so hopefully that will start helping. It is so sad and hard to see your tiny child suffer in so much pain, especially when you know there is nothing you can really do to help her besides holding her in your arms all night, rocking her, soothing her and giving her all of your love.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hailee's Blessing Day

Our little Princess

Four Generations of Hands

Daddy and Hailee

Mommy and Hailee

Hailee and best friend Riley

Uncle Dew and Uncle Ricky

Auntie Ra Ra

Great Grandpa Robinson

Great Grandma and Grandpa Ginos

Four Generations- All blonde hair and blue eyed beauties!

Grandma and Grandpa Hardy

Grandma and Grandpa Robinson

Our Family
This past Sunday Gregg was able to bless Hailee. It was such a wonderful day and she looked so beautiful in her dress! We had alot of family and friends that were able to share this wonderful day with us, and we really appreciate it. Thank you =)
Hailee was such a happy baby the entire day! Well, except for the actualy blessing, she screamed, lol, but for rest of the day she was totally HAPPY! She loved all of the attention from everyone! We are so happy that she was able to be blessed and we are so greatful that she is out daughter. We love her so much! And thank you so much Sarah Robinson for all of the beautiful photos that you took for us! You sure do an amazing job!

Friday, March 7, 2008

We Made it!

Well, its official!!! We are living in CA! Thank you guys so much for all of the great advice for the airplane ride with Hailee! I kept her sucking on her binki during take off and landing and I'm proud to say that she was such a GREAT baby! It was so much fun being on the plane with her!
Anyways, Gregg and Ricky got here on Thursday with all of our stuff and today we got our storage unit to store all of our stuff there until we buy a house. (Right now we are living with my parents). Well, off to go play games with the fam and inlaws! We hope to see alot of you guys soon!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hailee's First Airplane Ride!

On Tuesday, Hailee and I are flying to CA. I am a little nervous because I have never had a baby with me on an airplane! I think it will be quite an experience, hopefully a good one! Have any of you guys taken your kids on a plane? Any advice, reccomendations of things to do or to bring with you? Did your babies cry the whole time? I hope Hailee doesn't! So, all of your advice will definately help me out! Thank you!