Sunday, November 29, 2009

Utah Vacation

Warning: Picture Overload

Last week (Nov. 18-24th '09) we were able to go up to Utah! It was a very busy but fun filled trip! With all of us here in CA going and everyone's work schedules being different, we all flew up in separate groups! Us girls left first and then the boys trickled in the next couple of days.

All of our luggage! 3 Moms, 2 little girls, 5 suitcases, 3 carry-ons and 2 car seats! And yes....we made it to Utah with ALL of our luggage!

The first part of our trip was spent with my Grandma and Grandpa Ginos. We went to celebrate his 80th birthday! My Mom and my aunt Sheri threw a beautiful party for my Grandpa!
Hailee loved being at "Great Grandma and Grandpa's house!" There were so many new things to play my Grandma's walker! She would crawl up onto it and have us race her around the house! They also have those elevator seats that go up the stairs and Hailee would ride up and down the stairs! She definitely knows how to make things fun!
We also went over to my Aunt Sheri's house to play. They have a huge built in play house in their basement! Hailee loved it! (And aren't her boots just the cutest?? I LOVE them!)

The play house!
My Grandpas party was Sat. Nov. 21st. So many people showed up! I think there was around 45 people that came. Every chair was taken...
My mom and cousin Shannon

Janae, Shannon and I Shannon and I

Grandma, Dad, Brooke and Hailee

Janae and Rick. They have been good friends for going on 5 1/2 years now!

The party was a sit down dinner and us girls served the food. We all wore black and white aprons! We all looked so cute!!

My whole family! Wow! We are getting big!

Grandma, Grandpa and my Grandpa's sister

Ricky and Hailee playing the piano

Shannon with the girls. She is so great with them!

My family all flew home on Sunday and Gregg and I then continued on with our vacation. We went and stayed with his parents in Salt Lake. That night a bunch of Gregg's family came over so we could see everyone while we were in town! That night is also snowed!

We also visited Gregg's Grandma Jean

We went bowling one of the nights and had so much fun!

Even Hailee had a blast! We would let her roll the balls off the stand thing and she would get so excited when she would knock pins down! Guess we need to go bowling more often now!

We had a great trip and were so happy to be able to see so much of the family on both sides! We are so thankful for our times with family and for the love and relationships that we have with them!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

16 Weeks

I have to admit, this pregnancy is flying by. I cant believe that next month I will be HALF WAY done! The holidays really do make time go by fast!
Well, here I am at 16 weeks. I have definitely gained more belly!

Yesterday was such an exciting day for us! We went to an ultrasound place in Murrietta and were able to find out what we are having!!!! And guess what?!? We are having a BOY!!!! We were sooo excited! During the ultra sound we were thinking it was another girl. The tech told us she had a good idea of what it was, but the umbilicord was in between the babies legs so she wanted to get the baby moving more so she could make certain. When she told us that, we were like, must be a girl! She asked us what we thought it was, and then she typed up on the screen, "It's a BOY!" She showed us several shots of "him" and our little guy started showing off his stuff! It was hilarious! We are so excited for Hailee to be having a baby brother and we are so excited to have one of each!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Catch Up!

Wow, I can't believe that another month has come and gone! We had a great October month, and especially a great Halloween!
We started off by painting our pumpkins this year. Hailee did such a great job on hers! It was so cute because she was so serious the entire time she was painting! (Oct. 23 '09)

Mine on the other hand...well, turned out horrible! So, I ended up painting a cats face on it! But Hailee's pumpkin looks great! It was alot of fun to paint the pumpkins instead of carving them, and I think next year we will do the same!

(Oct. 25 '09) Our neighborhood community had a Fall Festival. Gregg was sleeping still while it was going on, so Hailee and I decided to go anyways. It was really cute! They had live music, jump houses, games, food and lots of candy! We saw a few friends there, and Hailee enjoyed playing some of the games!

Once Gregg woke up, we went on our Sunday family walk. Hailee really loves them! She could seriously walk forever!
By the end she was getting tired, so she let me give her a piggy back ride. She used to not like them, but lately, she loves them!
(Oct 27 '09) Hailee and her friend Afton were going to go to a Halloween party through the city, but the date was printed wrong on the paper! We showed up with the girls and they said they had made a mistake and it was really later during the week! We were bummed, but we decided to let the girls play in their costumes at the park instead!

They had so much fun together!

This was a last minute costume I threw together. The original costume that I had made was not to Hailee's liking, so she ended up being a ballerina.

After trying to get Hailee to put on her costume several times, I realized I was going to have to modify it and somehow fix it so I could get Hailee to wear it! Originally, she was Pebbles from the Flintstones. It was a full length tutu dress, and she was going to have a bone up in her hair. But since she wouldn't wear the dress, I cut it down to a skirt length, and according to her, she was now a "kitty"! lol. As soon as I put the leopard band on her, she looked down and started meowing! So I guess she really wanted to be a cat!
On Halloween, my family, in laws, and our friends Mark and Lani came over for trick or treating and dinner. We had alot of fun! Hailee enjoyed Halloween alot more than last year! The only thing she hated was any type of scary decoration. (Like skeletons, goblins, etc.) But other than that, she loved it all!
Gregg was working that night and we missed him alot! My in-laws stayed with us for a few days. On Tues. Nov. 3 '09 we went hiking at the Santa Rosa Plateau. It was our first time hiking there and we can't wait to go back! It was alot of fun! (Besides the 90 degree heat!)
Hailee also had a great time! She hiked alot of it and was loving being out in the open, and being in the dirt! She is such a fun little girl! Showing Daddy the way on the trailMy in laws, Dave and Cheryl. The tree that Cheryl is hugging is over 400 years old! It was massive!
One of the adobe homes that we hiked to.

We look forward to our busy November month and all the fun that we have planned!