Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jake's Blessing

June 27th 2010 was a very special day for our family. Jacob was blessed in our church. Gregg gave the blessing and said the most beautiful words in it...We are truly blessed to have Jake in our family. He definitely "belongs" with us. I don't know how to exactly describe it, but he makes our family feel so complete. We can't imagine life with out him now. He is such a good baby and we love him so much.
For the blessing, all of my family was able to be here for it. (Even Uncle Ricky!) Thank you to everyone who was able to share this special day with us!
*Jake was originally going to be blessed the first week of June, but he was sick so we had to change the date. However, Gregg's Mom, Sister and niece came that weekend to still see us all! We had a blast with them!
Jake in his blessing outfit
Such a stud!

The family

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Because they are special...

To the wonderful men in my life....Happy Fathers Day
I have an amazing Dad. I truly do. He has always been there for me through out my life, and continues to be everyday. He is one who I look up to; who taught me what qualities a husband should have and has taught me many valuable lessons of life. I just love my Dad. I can always go to him for counsel, advice and for fun times. The other amazing thing about him now is what an incredible Grandpa he is to his Grand kids. I absolutely love seeing Hailee spending time with him. She is always so interested in what "Gampa" is doing. It is so neat to see my Dad get down at her level, take his time to explain things to her and to let her help him work on projects around their house. I am really blessed to have him as my Dad and a Grandpa to our children. We love you Dad/Grandpa! Second, I want to wish my husband a happy Fathers Day. Gregg is such a wonderful Daddy. Hailee and Jake love him so much. I love seeing the relationship that Hailee and Gregg have...they are constantly always laughing together, wrestling on the ground, swimming in the pool, or snuggling on the couch. You can tell that she already looks up to him so much. He is also such a great Dad to Jake. You can tell he is so excited to have a little boy (now he won't always be having to have only tea parties, or dressing up like princesses...which I have to so is just so cute!) But it is so precious to see him with Jake. He is a wonderful Daddy and husband and we love him so much!
Now, I know this is late, but with having a baby...I have been slacking on my blogging so I am trying to get caught up....
So, this is for Mother's Day...
Happy Mothers Day Mom!
My Mom and I have such an amazing relationship. Her and I are so much's almost scary! lol. She is my best friend and I love her dearly. She has taught me so much through out my life....but most importantly, on how to be a Mom. Still to this day, I am always calling her asking for advice on what to do in certain situations, and she always has the right answer! Amazing! I just hope I can be as good as a Mom to my children and she is to me. She is also the most incredible Grandma. Her and Hailee have such a deep relationship with each other. Hailee just loves her Gama so much. They are always doing fun things might be playing in the play house for hours at a time, singing and dancing the pokey pokey, or going on exploring hikes together! My Mom is also amazing with Jake! They are just too cute together! We love you Mom/ Grandma!

Here are some random pictures:

My Mom and Dad (2007) They can always make us laugh!
Christmas 2009

Amazing Grandparents

April 2010 Gregg and Hailee....he took her for a Daddy/daughter camping trip in the backyard. They had so much fun together!

April 2010
My wonderful husband and amazing Daddy to Hailee and Jake

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I can't BELIEVE what I just did

So I had a few hours to myself tonight and wanted to get caught up on the blog. I felt pretty good for getting a few new posts done....until.....I viewed my blog ONLY to REALIZE that I had already posted about the Arizona trip! And that post took me the longest! I can't believe I just did that! Now I'm too tired to post anything there ya go, another post of the Arizona trip.

Daddy Loves His Kids

Gregg is such an amazing Daddy. He loves his lil kids so much and they absolutely adore him. It is so wonderful to see the love they all have for one another!

Trip to Arizona

The weekend of May 21st, we set off for a quick vacation to Arizona. Gregg had to work that weekend, so I loaded up the kids and we went with Grandma and Grandpa!
I forgot how different it is to travel with a little baby....stopping every two hours to nurse! It was like clock work...right at the 2 hour mark Jake would start crying until we stopped so I could feed him! Amazing how that works! haha.
Anyways, the kids were absolutely great the entire car ride! Hailee had so much fun just being in the car with all of us! She was constantly talking, singing and dancing the whole drive to Arizona!
In Arizona, we stayed at my Grandparents extra house in their retirement community. It makes is really nice to have a whole house and a golf cart when you go to stay with them!
Hailee really loved the golf cart rides. She kept putting her baby Jake in the basket, hopefully none of the old folks thought it was a real baby! That could give them a heart attack! lol.

One of the mornings, we went out for a walk...we left at 8:30am...and it was ALREADY 92 degrees! NASTY! How do people live in Arizona!

Jake in his muscle tank!

Hailee was such a happy girl to be on vacation!

Absolutely LOVES sleeping on his stomach

Going to visit "Great Grandma and Grandpa" Ginos

We also went to the zoo out by Surprise, AZ. It was amazing! It was on the smaller side, but you could get so close to the animals. This cheetah (Or what ever it is) was right over our heads! If you stuck your fingers in the holes, you could actually touch him!
I only brought my single stroller because Hailee usually refuses to go in one, but that day she wanted to be in one. So we rented a stroller at the zoo....they were so old school!

Our lil photographer

We took a ride on the train right through where the animals live

Our thumb sucker

Right next to the zoo was an aquarium, so we went and saw alot of the fishes. By that time I was feeling beyond lousy ( I was sick the whole weekend ) and Hailee was extremely tired. So, we didn't have a chance to see all of the exhibits they had. Hailee and her Great Grandma share a special love for music.Great Grandma would sing songs to Hailee and she just loved it!

Great Grandpa and Jake (their 29th great grandchild)
Hailee was being a stinker and refused to have her picture taken

Great Grandma and Jake

It was a fun trip. Felt good to get out of the house and relax a little. While we were in AZ, Jake also turned 4 weeks old!! (oh, I also forgot my camera at my cousin Ali's wedding reception. Bummer)
Back sometime during the middle of May Hailee had her first hair cut. She has had her bangs cut several times, but never anything off of the back. I still wanted her hair to be long, so our friend Cathy only cut about an inch off.
It looks so much nicer having it even now! Afterwards, Hailee and Grandpa went swimming!

Hailee loves her Grandpa so much! She loves to help him out in the yard, check the pool chemical levels (Don't worry..she just watches him do it) She loves to share Grandpa's ice water with him and just loves to be around him!
These pictures were supposed to be first, but I didn't feel like re-doing it. This was earlier in the week (Still back in May)
Hailee with her two Jakes. Her brother and her baby doll.

I just love sleeping pictures!

Lots of stuff....

Back in May, we celebrated my Moms birthday. (May 5th) We went up to their house earlier in the day so Gregg and Hailee could swim. She is definitely our little water girl!Look how tiny he looks!
For Christmas, I had gotten a turbie twist from my mother in law and fell in love with it! So I HAD to buy one for my Mom so she could fall in love with it too! And she did! The best thing to own! Robinson tradition...fingers in the frosting!
Mom got two new pocket knifes! Long story short, she got hers taken away from her at the airport...she forgot they were in her hiking backpack!

Grandma with her girls

Mom and Dad are so awesome! They just got back from a night run in the hills
Our sleeping beauty

Lil Prince Charming

For Mother's Day everyone came to our house for a nice dinner and gifts. I can't believe this was the only picture I took that day!