Sunday, May 30, 2010

Newborn Photo Shoot

One thing I absolutely love is seeing a newborn photographed. They grow up way too fast so its wonderful to have their tiny little bodies captured.
We were lucky to have two newborn photo shoots of Jake. I have so many more I want to post of his photo shoots, but I can't get the pictures to upload. So, I will try again tomorrow.
These first pictures were taken when Jake was 7 days old. I just absolutely love them. He was definitely a hard one to take pictures of because he was awake 90% of the time!
Isn't he just so dang cute!?! (These were taken by Sarah Lyn Photography....she is not only my sister in law, but also a great friend! )

These next amazing pictures were taken by my friend Amanda. (Amanda Fein Photography) He is 10 days old and again, he was a stinker and would not sleep during the photo shoot! But the pictures turned out awesome and I love them!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can You Believe It? Either Can We!

We can't believe that our little Jake is now a month old! Where has this month gone? It has been such an amazing, wonderful, yet so tiring month! We are finally getting adjusted to the new routine in life and are loving every minute of it! Jake is such a wonderful baby and we are so blessed to have him as ours!
One month stats:
10 lbs (50%) Can you believe he gained 2.5 lbs in one month? Crazy!
22 inches long (75%) He is def. catching up and we think he will end up being tall just like his sissy!
Jake has become much more aware of his surroundings, is starting to coo and caw and loves holding his head up to look at the world around him. He holds onto our hands and has just discovered holding onto my hair! Ouch! He also loves to eat, eat and eat!

This past weekend he went on his first road trip to AZ! Hailee, Jake and I went with my parents to go to my cousin Ali's wedding and reception. Gregg was working all weekend, and we missed him so much!
Riding the golf carts...Hailee insisted on having her baby ride in the back...hopefully we didn't give any old people a heart attack with thinking it was a real baby!After our walk in the 90 degree heat! Yes...she is actually resting! Only lasted for a couple minutes though...then she was back up running around!Jake wearing his big boy clothes! Playing legos!At the zoo in AZ. It was amazing!This was RIGHT above our head! You could stick your fingers and touch it if you really wanted too! (Crazy if I say!)I didn't zoom in at all....the zebra was really this close. The huge rhino!Riding the choo chooOur little JakesterI really wanted to get a picture of Hailee, Jake and Great Grandma and Grandpa, but this is what Hailee gave me....Hailee enjoyed Great Grandma alot. They looked at pictures and sang alot of songs together. It was really sweet.

We stayed at my Grandparents extra house in AZ and while we were there we took many rides on the golf cart, went on a walk at 8:30 am and it was already in the 90's! (I don't know how anyone can live in that state! It's so hot!) And we also went to the zoo which was seriously the best zoo we have ever been too! The animals were so close and we even got to ride a train through some of the animals cages! We had so much fun!
It was a great weekend, even though we all ended up sick! My cousin Ali's reception was also wonderful, but I forgot my camera to take pictures!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The first week home pretty overwhelming. I won't lie about that. I was in major pain from the c-section, we were all sleep deprived and Hailee was very emotional about our new family life.
Adding a second child to the picture wasn't hard at all. The hardest part which I never realized would be how emotionally hard it would be on Hailee, and myself. I didn't even think about that once we were home, I would not be able to pick her up like I used to. We had a really hard time with that because she didn't understand.
We both cried alot. Hailee would want me to pick her up and hold her, "Momma, please hold" was what I heard alot. Just broke my heart! I had to tell her that Mommy has an owie on my tummy, and I would show her my incision, and told her that once it was better than I could pick her up and hold her. She would fall to the ground and just cry. I would try my best to comfort her but it was still so heart breaking!
Once Gregg went back to work that week, my Mom came and stayed with us. That was a huge blessing. Hailee needed her. Alot. My Mom was Hailee's solid anchor...someone who she knew would be able to give her all of the attention she needed.
My Mom took care of Hailee 24/7 so I could focus on Jake and trying to let my body heal. I would try and play with Hailee through out the day, but she didn't want anything to do with me. Towards the end of the week though, Hailee was getting used to the "new life" and was doing much better!
I am so very thankful for my Mom. She truly is amazing and is such a wonderful help to us!
A few pictures from the first week:
Jake in his crib

Hailee rocking her "Brooke" to sleep

Daddy and his lil munchkins
First time out in the sun
Our friends came to visit and Hailee was sooo EXCITED to see Deacon! They rode bikes and ran around so much! It was so nice to see Hailee so happy and excited!
By the end of the first week, I decided that we needed to go on a family walk! I was also dying to get out of the house! LOL. So this is their first stroller ride together!

More of the birth....

I know I have already done a post about Jake's birth, but now that I finally uploaded the rest of my pictures, I can add some more. So after this post, I can officially move onto more recent ones!
This is me on April 23 2010 before leaving for the hospital. My LAST belly shot! Yeah!! At the hospital hooked up to the monitors and the start of our new life as a family of four
One happy Daddy who was anxious for Jake to get here!

This might be a little too much for some to handle...but I thought it was awesome! With Hailee I had no clue what the c-section looked like, but this time because it was planned, Gregg was allowed to take pictures. I'm only posting one so you won't throw up...but I think it's pretty cool! And this is Jakes first breath of life! And right after he took his first breath, he peed all over the doctor. That a boy!
Jake getting his first bath at the hospital
In the nursery waiting for Mommy to come out of recoveryWhen Jake was brought to me, he was sucking his thumb! How cute! Hailee was never a thumb sucker, so it was so crazy to see a baby with his thumb in his mouth!

My first time holding my son

Hailee meeting her brother

Proud Grandparents

Look at those big long feet! He is going to be tall!

All bundled up

Daddy getting him ready to go home

I was so excited to be leaving the hospital! Especially with a new baby in my arms!

The car ride home