Friday, January 29, 2010

Rainy Days In....Sunny Days Out....

With all of the crazy rain that we had (Which I wish it would STILL RAIN!) we have had to be creative with getting energy out of Hailee! We had a couple of play dates at our house, which was alot of fun!
The girls watching Tinkerbell with their popcorn

Each day while it was raining, I moved the car out and put a bunch of Hailee's toys in the garage to run around and play with! I don't know what is so exciting about playing in the garage, but she loved it!

She went on many car, wagon and bike rides alont with running around and going down the slide a hundred or so times!

As soon as the weather got better, we hit the park a few days in a row which was so nice! Hailee was sure excited to be back outside playing again!
We met up with our friends Shannon and Deek at the outlets to let the kids play (while we shopped) and they had so much fun!

Hopefully we will get a few more good storms this winter, but until then, we will enjoy the sunshine everyday!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What we've been up to....

These past few weeks seems like we have spent alot of time at home. Hailee has been sick with one thing after another! First she had a cold, runny nose, then it went to a double eye infection, upper respiratory infection, fever and the latest has been infected tonsils. Right now she is on two separate antibiotics. This winter has sure been tough on her! Hopefully the medicine will cure all and she will be back to her healthy self for a long time!
Since we have been mostly indoors, we have played alot of dress up. Her favorite though is wearing my heels around the house. I am so surprised at how well she walks in them! You would think she was born wearing heels!
That's my girl! Total girly!

The days that she has been feeling well, we have been keeping busy! Daddy took us girls out to dinner the other night. (1/13/10) We went to our favorite restaurant...California Pizza Kitchen!
Grandma bought two new exciting toys! She bought this quad and a red sports car! My Mom gave me both of them to take home to see which one Hailee would enjoy the best. It was so hard to decide because she LOVED them both! She goes so fast on them! The quad is now at Grandma's house for when we play there, and the red car is at our house for everyday use! Thanks Grandma! You are the best!

On Friday Jan 17th, we were able to meet up with Ricky's girlfriend and her family. They were on vacation here from Colorado (and Utah). We met them in Brea for a great dinner. They are such a sweet family and we had a great time getting to know them, and seeing Janae again! She is such an awesome girl and seriously has some of the cutest clothes ever!

Hailee had a great time with Janae too! They played with Hailee's rubber bands and Janae was such a good sport to let Hailee do her hair!
When Hailee hasn't been feeling the greatest, we have also had many, many tea parties. It is so fascinating to watch her use her imagination. We will pretend to eat and drink and once we are done, she gathers all of the dishes and takes them into her house to wash them. She is growing up so fast!
Tonight, (1/17) we had our first Family FHE. This year our family is focused on becoming closer to one another and uniting more as a family. We are taking turns each month at each others houses to give the lesson and play games. Tonight was alot of fun and we look forward to next month!
Hailee's favorite game tonight was "Ring Around the Rosies!" I don't know how many times we played it, but by the end we were all feeling so dizzy!
We also played Taboo, our new favorite game! Grandma and Grandpa beat Gregg and I! Good job!
That's about it for now.... stay tuned until the next post!

Monday, January 11, 2010

24 Weeks and Feelin Huge!

Wow! I can't believe that I am already to 24 weeks! I wasn't going to post pics until the very end of my 6th month, but I felt like my belly has changed alot! It seriously seemed like a couple days after my doctor banned me from running that it popped out! (I know it will keep popping out more and more...but this was the first "noticable" one!) So, here I am....24 weeks! (Oh...I only have 15 weeks left! Woo hoo!)

(I knew Hailee was by me in the pictures...but I just noticed she had her shirt up for the pictures again! What a silly girl!)
Also, Hailee has been sick again. She has had a rough couple months being sick on and off. I took her to urgent care yesterday and she was able to get some antibiotics. Hopefully she will get better and stay better for a long long time!

Friday, January 8, 2010

So Grown Up....

Wow, I knew that Hailee has grown up so much this past year...but I never realized how much she really did until I started looking at pictures from a year ago! She looked like such a little baby and now she is such a toddler! It is amazing how fast they really do grow up. It is so fun seeing her change, but I always tell her if she wants to stay little forever, that Mommy and Daddy will be happy with that! No matter how big she gets, she will always be Mommy and Daddy's little girl!
January 2009

December 2009
(Her hair grew sooo much too!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The week after Christmas...

The week after Christmas felt just as busy as the week of Christmas! It was wonderful! We spent alot of time with family and enjoyed everyday of the week!
On Ricky's last night in town, we all went out to his favorite restaurant, El Torrito for dinner. It is a tradition when he is in town to go to El Torrito on his last night! We had a great time and love spending time with family!

Hailee even enjoyed the HOT salsa! Some batches of it were way to hot for me!

New Year's Eve was pretty chill. Gregg had to work and I was SO HAPPY that my good friend Shannon's husband had to work too! We went out to dinner and then back to her house to hang out and let the kids play! It is always a fun time hanging out with her!

The kids had alot of fun together! They have been friends for over a year now!
They played on the fire truck...
They played with Deacon's new train set....

And they even played with the light switches! It is so funny to see what entertains little ones sometimes!
Hailee and I stayed that night at my parents house. That next morning, my Dad and I went on an awesome 7 mile hike! I love when my Dad and I are able to have "Daddy/Daughter" times! I will never be too old for that! While we were out hiking, my Mom and her friend went on this insanely hard (too hard for me while pregnant) hike too! This fall I am going to attempt it! Hailee had a great babysitter for a few hours and had alot of fun with her!

Hailee has never been a fan of jelly belly's, but to our surprise she LOVED them this time!
I also can't believe how long hair is getting! It has grown sooo much this past year!
Since Hailee and I were at my parents house, Gregg spent the day with us too, before he had to go to work. Gregg loves smothering Hailee with kisses, and now she thinks its a game to try to block his lips! It is so funny! He is such an amazing Daddy!
Hailee has also taken up a new She is in LOVE with taking pictures! It is so funny to watch her because she will pose us, try and fix our hair, and then when she takes the picture, she stands with one foot forward and leans back while she takes it! It is so funny! I will have to try and get a picture of her taking a picture!
But this is the side profile of her baby doll that she took.

We are looking forward to 2010! It is going to be another wonderful year, a year of so many new changes and experiences!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year! We spent it with family, love and laughter!
Hailee and I stayed the night at my parents house Christmas Eve since Gregg had to work that night. Once Gregg got off work, he came straight to my parents house to get some sleep. That morning all of the family was over and we were able to have alot of fun.
Hailee and her cousin Brooke. Hailee absolutely adores Brooke and I really hope they can be great friends all of their lives.
They started a new game called "Steal the binky!" They both laughed and played this game forever!

My Mom had prepared a yummy breakfast of muffins, breads, and fresh fruit! Once we ate then we opened gifts! I hardly took any pictures while opening gifts, but here is the "before" picture. Mom and Dad sure were amazing on gifts! They are such great parents and really do still spoil us! We love them and appreciate all they do for us!Hailee opening a pair of princess shoesHailee got my Mom this sweatshirt and then she got my Dad a baseball hat that says "Worlds Greatest Grandpa!"After opening presents, Gregg went back to bed for a few hours since he had to work that night again, and we set off on our traditional holiday hike! The weather was perfect!Hailee had so much fun hiking like a big girl!Towards the half way point Hailee and Brooke both started getting tired....

So Hailee went into the hiking back pack and Brooke went into Sarah's arms and then into the stroller once we got back to it! The girls were both happy again!

That night we started another new family Christmas tradition. We did the Nativity Play! It was so much fun! Gregg did the opening to it (We have the play on video) and then he left for work. Hailee and I were the angels, Dad was a Shepard, Mom was the narrator and messenger, Rick was a wise man, Kip was Joseph, Sarah was Mary and Brooke was baby Jesus!
We had such a great time acting out the play and afterwards we laughed so hard while watching us on video! We definitely look forward to this new tradition in 2010!
Hailee in her Christmas Sunday outfit! She looked adorable!

2009 has been such a wonderful year. It has been a year of many challenges but also many blessings! We are so thankful for Christ, our Savior and for the love of family. We look forward to 2010, it is going to be another exciting year of new experiences and events!