Sunday, August 29, 2010


Happy 4 months to our darling son Jake. We are amazed at how fast these months have gone by and wish they would slow down. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital.
Jake is such an easy baby. I always say that, and then knock on wood in fear that it might change. Since Jake was about 2 months old, he started sleeping through the night. Now, he sleeps anywhere from 8-11 hours a night. It is wonderful!
He is also our little sucker. He always has something in his mouth...usually his fingers or a burp cloth or toy. He loves to keep that mouth moving! He also loves his pacifier! I have a fear that once he starts crawling around we are going to have any little things on the ground picked up all of the time in fear of him sticking it in his mouth! I have to admit, I never thought I would have a thumb sucker, but boy, is it sure cute!!!Jake loves his sister. Every morning when she hears him cry, she goes running into his room yelling, "Jake's awake! Jake's awake!" and looks at him through his crib. He looks at her and then always starts his baby babble talk! It is just so precious seeing how happy he is to see his sissy!He also loves his jumper! We borrowed this one when we were at my parents house, but Jake has his at home at loves it! He is getting such strong legs already!He also loves going to the park and on the swings! He can't stop smiling!He loves being smothered by kisses from Hailee. He tries giving her kisses too and she just cracks up laughing!Jake started eating rice cereal this past week, (8/27/10) and LOVES it! He was getting to the point where instead of 3-4 hours between each feeding during the day it was becoming more like 2 hours, so I figured it was time to start him on the cereal. I am glad I did, and I think he is too!I wasn't feeding him fast enough so he started showing me how to do it!He is such a beautiful, handsome little guy! And don't you think he looks alot like his Daddy??? Some facts about Jake at 4 months:
Roll up onto his sides
Sleeps through the night
Pushes his chest up when laying on his tummy
Holds his head up very well (but he's been doing that since almost birth)
He wears 6 month clothing and now some 6-9 month
Loves the silk on his blanket....he instantly snuggles into it when held by his face
Already is fascinated with Curious George (Thanks to Hailee)
Loves the park swings
Loves to go in the pool
Loves bath time
Loves rice ceral
Eats like a champ
Has blue eyes
We're still unsure what color his hair will be
Light skin like his Mommy
Loves to babble talk


Hailee is such a fun girl. She brings so much laughter and joy into our lives and our home. We never know what sneaky thing she is up to next, or when she'll hide and jump out to scare us! I seriously cannot get enough of her. Her smile brightens up the room and her sweet, soft personality can make anyone's heart melt.
Hailee has become quite the talker now at home. She is always telling us stories, singing songs or role playing "house, cooking, etc" with her toys. She is at such a fun age and I just love being home with her everyday! Hailee is an amazing sister to Jake. She absolutely loves him. She is constantly always wanting to hold him, help change his diapers and play with him. She has really been enjoying him even more lately now that he is starting to interact a little and smile and laugh!

I won't be surprised if Hailee is asking for her own "real and working" cell phone for Christmas. She is always playing on hers (or ours) and telling us she is texting her friends. She can also push the correct speed dial number to call Grandma and Grandpa. Sometimes she'll be talking on the phone and I think she is just talking to herself until I hear Grandma or Grandpa talking on the other end! Amazing how kids so young can understand technology!
She is loving that Jake can take baths with her now. She helps bathe him and then bathes her barbies and dolls.

Hailee and Uncle Ricky have always shared a special love for music together. Ever since Hailee was 4 months old, she would sit and listen to Rick play the piano. Nothing could distract her from listening to him. Now that she is much bigger, she loves trying to play with him. Its fascinating to watch her because she doesn't pound on the keys like most kids would, she moves one finger at a time on the keys just like Rick does. Maybe a future piano player? I would be so happy!

Our little water girl! She loves to be held up super high and then thrown into the water!

She is also camera shy alot of the times.... always trying to hide behind things....what a little stinker!

More swimming! Her and her best buddy Deacon. They have been friends for almost 2 years now!

Hailee loves jumping off of the diving board...
(It looks like she is going to whack her feet on the board in this picture....yes she did....but it didn't phase her...she kept on swimming and jumping off) She is seriously one touch chick.

Jumping off the high wall

Giving her brother loves and making him laugh

Loves the park...

Okay, I'll end with this story... So, we were at the park in Corona 8/27/10 and we were playing and having a good time. Hailee was running around and going on the slides and then this cute brown haired 4yr old boy comes and starts following her around. He had been playing with a few other boys and kept watching Hailee and then left his friends to go by her. At first Hailee was always looking back since he was following her everywhere and she was giving him dirty looks. I told Hailee that I think he wants to play with her. So then she tells him to chase her and they started running around and laughing a ton. They chased each other under the slides, down the slides and all around the swings. She got tired so she sat down and said she was going to take a break. The little boy sat next to her and said "I'm going to feed you" and pulled out a bag of pistachios! lol. Anyways, a while later I told Hailee it was time to go, so we started walking back to the stroller. This little kid yells to his Mom, "I'm gonna walk her to her stroller." Before we left, he asks Hailee, "I see you again??" Lol. I could not STOP laughing! This little kid was totally trying to work it with my DAUGHTER!!! Are you serious??? It starts THIS YOUNG??? Oh man, we're in trouble!!!! lol. It was soooo cute though!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gregg's Adventure

This past Tuesday, August 18 2010, Gregg, Rick and my Mom went hiking to the Bridge to Nowhere. They had so much fun! It's about a 10 mile hike, but you get to cross the river probably a dozen times. By the look of these pictures, it looked like they had a blast! Once I'm able to leave Jake for several hours at a time, I will definitely be doing this hike! Such a beautiful place!

By my Mom's can tell the water must have been pretty cold!

My hot man
The three amigos
And since I can't do a post with out pictures of our are some new ones....
Jake and Hailee took their first bath together tonight! (August 21 2010)
They had so much fun! Jake was kicking his legs like crazy which caused the water to splash on Hailee. She thought it was the funniest thing ever!
This afternoon Hailee heard Jake crying so she told me she would go check on him. I followed her up to his room and watched her crawl into his crib. (When did she learn to crawl up into a crib???) She layed down next to him and was giggling and making him smile and then she took several pictures of him on my cell phone. She loves her brother so much! And he loves her just as much too! They are going to be such best buds!

Hailee playing peek-a-boo
Me and Jake

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 years...and then some....

This month has already felt so busy! I can't believe its almost half way over! Ahh!!
Anyways, August 5th was our FOUR year anniversary! Its been a wonderful yet challenging four years. So much has changed, but the best part has been bringing our two beautiful children into our lives!
For our anniversary, Gregg asked me what I wanted, and I told him that I truly, honestly wanted to go on a night run on Skyline! It had been so long since him and I have just gone out and done something like this, so he agreed. And oh my gosh...we had a blast! We had our head lamps on and were ready to hit the mountain! We got to the top at sunset and it was absolutely beautiful! On our way up we had a coyote run right across the road in front of us and we saw a huge tarantula!

The weather was absolutely perfect too!

We were so excited to be out celebrating that we jumped for joy!

(And I'll tell you one thing...I am not a good jumper at all! This was like the 10th try that I finally got both feet OFF of the ground at the same time! No wonder why I was never a cheer leader! lol)

Starting our run down... excuse my weird expression, but I wanted to show a picture with the head lamp on. We had such a blast and look forward to our next night run adventure!

I find myself running out of time to do several small posts, so I just end up cranking out one large post here's some more pictures....
Hailee seriously loves to be held so many different ways! Either by standing on Gregg's shoulders, hands or behind held upside down! She is one funny girl!
Me and my little bud

I just love sleeping pictures. And if you are wondering...yes, that is a pink and black polka dot pack in play he is in....we bought this for Hailee...and now I am kicking myself for not buying a neutral one! Oh well!

Hailee is seriously such a girlie girl! We find her sleeping like this all of the time! Legs crossed and hand up by her head! She is such a little princess!

Daddy and his boy
My Dad's birthday was August 1st. We had a birthday party at my parents house and it was a BLAST! It was also Jake's "First" time in the pool! (He has had his toes in several times, but never fully in.) He loved it!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing, wonderful Dad. He truly is such a great example, friend and the bestest Grandpa ever!
We played "Minute to Win It" games at the party. They were H-Y-S-T-E-R-I-C-A-L!!!!
We had two teams....
"The Momma Mafia"

and "The Daddy Dudes"

I just have to say, the Momma Mafia WON!!! Woot woot!
Playing "Moving on Up!" (I won!)
Separation Anxiety (Sarah won)
Brooke made up her own game....I'm not quite sure what she named this game though...

"Breakfast Scramble" (Dad won)

Paper Dragon (I won)

We had such a fun time and was so happy that my Dad had such an enjoyable birthday! We love you Dad/Grandpa!
Lastly, Hailee has made a new best friend. I met her Mom at the pool and now these girls can't get enough of each other. They are 6 months apart and just have so much fun together!
Hailee and Kylie