Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's Pumpkin Time!

Last night, October 20, we had our friends Brian and Laura over to carve pumpkins. It was a lot of fun! It made us feel like we were little kids again, getting all serious about who's pumpkin is going to look the best and who had the coolest design! There were a lot of good laughs doing it! We wanted to go to one of the haunted corn mazes too, but the weather was horrible! It was so cold and snowed so much last night! So, we decided pumpkin carving and a movie was good enough for the night!

Also, I was going through my pictures and just HAD to post these next few! They are from when we were in California. While we were there, my family had a Wii Bowling tournament. It was so much fun! Gregg and Kip took it to the next level though, they got completely decked out in their "Wii" attire! It was hilarious! So, when we are back in December everyone better be prepared for our official "Wii Team Outfits!" Go Team Hardy!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Baby Shower!

On October 13th, I went to my friend Elise's baby shower. It was alot of fun! We used to be room mates 3 years ago, when we were both living in Provo, UT. We are due 11 days apart from eachother. We're both so excited to be mommies next month!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wow, things have been so busy lately!

Wow, things have been so busy lately! We got back from CA a few weeks ago and we were looking forward to relaxation time, but we sure didn't get it! We have been soooo busy! The week after we got home, my Grandma Robinson had a stroke and went into a coma. =( My Dad flew up and stayed the night with us and then continued on to Wyoming where my Grandma and Grandpa live. Two days later, she passed away. Rest of my family flew up last Friday and we all drove to Wyoming where her funeral was held. However, Gregg was unable to go because he was scheduled to work 48 hours in a row (he has been paying back guys who covered his shifts while we were in CA). The funeral went really well. My Grandma was buried in Freedom, WY, on top of the most beautiful hill. It was a sad weekend but we all knew she is where she is supposed to be now. She didn't suffer at all which made saying goodbye to her a lot easier. The day of her funeral ended up being more emotional then we thought. Of course we cried at the funeral, but on the way back to our motel, my mom got a phone call from her Dad, my Grandpa Ginos and he told us that my cousin David and his wife had been in a horrible car accident. At that time they weren't sure if David would live, he had major head trauma and bleeding in the brain. Julie suffered fractures to the face, but she was not critical. Thankfully, they are both doing much better now. Julie has been released from the hospital but David will remain there for probably a few more weeks.

On a positive note now, Gregg was invited to test with Anaheim! I just dropped him off at the airport this afternoon and he will be taking the physical test tomorrow. If all goes as planned, then he will be back in CA for the oral board on Oct. 25Th or 26Th. I'm really hoping to be able to go too, but we will see if the doctor will let me still fly. Let's hope!
Yesterday was my birthday and Gregg is such a sweet heart! He made my day so wonderful (like always!) We didn't do anything too extravagant, we kept it very simple (mainly by my choice). After these past couple of hectic weeks, my body was REALLY needing a rest day! So, Gregg let me have it! It was wonderful! We slept in till 9:30am! I haven't slept in that late in forever! It was wonderful! After we woke up and got ready, I opened my presents. He did a really good job on them! Later that afternoon, we took our dog up the canyon for a nice 6 mile walk. It was so beautiful! The leaves are changing colors and we were surrounded by bright yellows, oranges and reds! I wish I would have had my camera!
Anyways, Gregg get back in town tomorrow night! Quick trip for him! Good for me, cuz I already miss him so much! I know, I know, I'm so obsessed with him! Ha ha! I love it! This week will be really busy for him. He has a big project for work on Wed, Thurs, and Fri. He is teaching the crews all about the, hmm... I can't even think of the name right now, but it's when they have to cut someones throat open and insert the tube so they can breathe...ya, you all know what I'm talking about! =) So, that's what he is teaching and helping everyone refresh their skills on. He does an amazing job at it! I went to one of the days of the class last year he put on, and wow, it is so fascinating! I really enjoyed it!
Well, I think I have blabbed on enough for tonight so I guess I should stop! Be back next week!