Monday, June 29, 2009

Hike to Mt. Baldy Summit

On Friday June 26 2009, my Mom and I went on such an awesome hike! After our aerobic classes that morning, we headed up to Mt. Baldy! We arrived there at about 1pm and headed up the trail! Our goal was to hike to the summit! The first half of the hike was cool. There were definitely some harry parts along the trail, but that made it even cooler! The halfway point was up to the ski hut (where us and about 20 other ladies are hiking up to in August and camping for the weekend). Since that was my first time to the ski hut, we walked around and checked everything out! I am so excited to camp there in August! We decided to continue on our trek to the summit. I'm not going to lie...the second half of the hike was the HARDEST hike I have EVER done! It was insanely steep and hard! But I loved every minute of it! It felt so good to finally do something that would kick my BUTT! From the car to the summit, we made it in 3 hours! We were so excited when we reached the top! People had made these rock formation things to protect them from the winds. I guess it gets very windy and dangerous up there! The view from the top was AMAZING! It was a 360 degree view and the sky was the brightest blue I have seen in a long time! After sitting down, taking off our shoes and relaxing for a few minutes, we watched the other hikers all get up and take off. It was almost synchronized looking! One of the hikers stopped by us and told us not to get too comfy because there is only 4 hours of sunlight left and its really dangerous if you have to hike in the dark. We were like, "How cool! These people are serious hikers to care so much about the time!" So, we decided to start our hike down, which only took 2 hours.
I had so much fun with my Mom and am so happy to have such an awesome Mom to do adventures with! The next day my Dad and his friend went and did the same hike, except they took a different way down, going on the Devils Back Bone! My Mom and I are going to take that way down next time! During part of the hike where you are on the "devils back done" it is drop off cliffs on both sides! They say that during the strong winds it becomes very treacherous! How exciting! We can't wait to do it!
Enough of the to the pictures!
The steep trail The hut that we will be camping at in AugustNatural springsThis area we hiked through was my favorite! It sounded like you were walking on hollow groundWe made it to the top! The hardest 10 mile hike I have ever done! So worth it!Rock formations to protect you from the windWoo hoo!Chowing down on our pb j's! They tasted amazing!Making our way back downOn our way down, these sheep/goat/deer looking things with white curly horns were right on the trail! They hurried up into the bushes when they heard us! So cool to see wild animals!
What a great hike!

Summer Fun

The weather has been so nice lately that it seems like we have been hitting the pool and park almost everyday! It has been so much fun! Hailee is such a little water girl! We never knew that! Last summer she wasn't too crazy about going swimming, but this year she is LOVING it! One of the pools here has a beach entrance which is perfect! She goes running full force into the water, splashing and laughing! It is just so cute! She also loves to have us float her on her back and then on her stomach and she will start to kick her legs. We are definitely going to put her in swim lessons next summer. She also loves to play "mermaid". We lay on our stomachs in the water and we splash and walk on our hands in the water! This summer has already been so great!
Hailee and her "Deek Deek" (That's what she calls Deacon)
Being a mermaid and walking on her hands in the water

Park time!

Having a 19 month old is seriously SO MUCH FUN! This is definitely such an awesome stage! We're always on the go and she is just such a happy, fun little girl!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

"Dear Daddy,
If I could talk like a big kid, I would tell you that you are so special to me. You are so funny and can always make me laugh. Thank you so much for playing with me, tickling me, making me yummy food, taking me on walks, to the park, and to the pool. You are super cool and I am so happy to have you as my Daddy. I love you so much. Happy Daddy's Day!
Love your little girl,

Gregg is such an amazing Daddy to Hailee. He just adores her more than anything and she is definitely his little princess. We love you so much honey! Thank you for all that you do!

I would like to also tell my Dad that I love him so much. He is truly such an amazing man and father. He has been one that I have always been able to go to for comfort, support, encouragement, and for fun times! He has been the rock in my life (as well as my Mom) since I can remember. We love you so much Dad and thank you for all that you do. Happy Father's Day!

This past Father's Day we celebrated it at our house! It was alot of fun! I was in charge of making a I decided to go "old school" and make a "Pin the tie on Daddy!" Don't laugh at my drawing...I definitely DON'T have skills in that department! lol. We all laughed at how GAY the "Man" looked! Oh well, I tried! We laughed so hard while we were playing it! I forget how DIZZY you get after 10 SPINS!!!

Also, I had Sarah take Hailee's 18 month pictures! (I know...almost a month late...but hey, I got them done!) They turned out great!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Father's Day! Dad's are truly somethin' special!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I decided to post a few pictures of our house, even though the rooms are not fully done. We still have to finish decorating! But I am so excited that they are "this far" along, so I thought I would share! Oh, I just looked at the pictures, and some of them look like they have spots on them....I think my lense is dirty! Sorry!

Before: Wood flooring
After: Welcome to our Home! Beautiful tile job that Gregg and his Dad did!

Kitchen: Before
Dining Room: Before
Family Room: After

More pictures to come soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally an update!

Not having the internet for a WEEK feels like FOREVER!!! But, we finally have internet and tv at our new house now, so things are going good! We moved into our house last Wednesday, June 10th! It has been sooo much fun! I will post pictures later of the house, but I thought I would at least post a couple of pictures of Hailee from yesterday! She is growing up so fast! And her hair is getting so long! It is SO PRETTY! She is such a sweetie!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fontana Half Marathon

Today I ran the "Fontana's 54Th Annual Worlds Fastest Course" half marathon. Now, I don't know if it's really the worlds fastest half marathon, but that's what they claim!
Anyways, this race was soooo much fun! The beginning wasn't that fun though....we were bussed up to the starting line....up in the mountains! It was FREEZING!!!! We got to the starting line at 5:30am, and the race didn't end up starting until 7:45am! We FROZE! Thank goodness we bought cheap long sleeve shirts to wear (and that we were able to just toss to the side of the route once we got hot) plus, I brought some trash bags to cover our legs with! It was amazing how STINKIN cold it was! We could even see our breathe! (And it's June...isn't it? Crazy!!!)
Finally the race started! The course through the mountains was sooo pretty! Once we entered into the city....well, it was Fontana....need I say anymore? I felt so strong during the race! I kept looking down at my GPS and it said we were going under 8min miles! I kept thinking, "Is this for reals!" Once I got to mile 12 I picked up my pace even faster, and then sprinted the last quarter mile! I came in at 1:41:22! My average pace was 7:47 and my fastest pace was 5:21! I finished 5th in my age group! I was so proud of myself, I was wanting to beat my old personal record of 1:47, and I am so happy I was able to!
Oh, I ran with my friend Denise! She did so great too! She came in just a couple minutes behind me!
Sprinting to the finishing line
Denise and I
Thank you so much Gregg and Hailee for coming to the race! I really appreciate it and LOVE you guys sooo much!