Wednesday, April 29, 2009

17 Months!

17 months! Can't believe only one more month until she is a year and a half old! Time sure does fly by FAST!

Showing us how long she is!

Today I took Hailee in for her 15 month shots. (I know, I know...she is now 17 months but I just some how seem to ALWAYS forget to take her in on time for her shots! lol. ) Anyways, she just turned 17 months on the 26th, so here are her stats.
She is 32 1/2 inches long. (She is one tall girl! Puts her around the 80th %)
She weighs 23 lbs 13 oz. (I think that's around the 75th%? I'm not sure. Anyone know?.)
She is one healthy tall lean girl!
She did so great with her shots! She let out two short cries after the second shot, and then she was all done! She was back up and running in no time!
We are proud of you Hailee for being so brave!

Taking her dolly on a walk....
Crouches down to keep her baby out of the wind. What a sweet girl!
Watching the mail lady across the street..and what is that?!? Thumb sucking I see? When did that start?!?
Off for a stroller ride! So happy that she finally LOVES to be in it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simply Irresistible!

Have you ever had anything in life that you just HAVE to have? Something that you just CAN NOT resist? Well, let me tell daughter Hailee is just SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE! Her smile is so contagious! I LOVE it! This afternoon I was rocking her to sleep for her nap, and of course at first, she wasn't that tired. So, I closed my eyes pretending I was asleep, and I peeked one eye open to see if hers were closed, and all I got was a HUGE smile and giggle from her! I couldn't help but smile back and laugh! She is the sweetest, most loving girl ever! It makes me so happy to see how excited she gets to see me (and Gregg, and my parents) everyday! She glows with joy and happiness and is just so darn cute! I love her to PIECES!I'm her Mom so I am definitely allowed to brag about her!
But, I can not IMAGINE life with out her! She is truly a blessing in our lives and we are so thankful to have her as our daughter!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Look What We Just Did!

We signed the acceptance papers on our HOUSE!!!! We start escrow this week and will close by May 22nd! Oh my gosh! We are just so excited! Funny thing is that we gave up all hopes on this house....we were not the highest offer on it but we were the ones accepted! Our dreams are coming true! It is so exciting to be moving into the next step of our life...a HOME OWNER! We are seriously going to be so sad to move from my parents...this past year living with them has been so much fun and we have had so many wonderful memories. I know I am going to cry when we move into our own house, but I guess when you get married and have kids and grow up, you are supposed to have your own house. Lol. Okay, enough are some pics. (Don't look at me...I'm nasty looking...I was laying out by the pool when we got the phone call...then we rushed over to sign the paperwork!) Okay, okay, I'll end now...but did I tell you that we are so excited?!?!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hailee's FIRST Haircut!

Okay, well technically this is Hailee's 2nd haircut (well, bang trim) but this was her FIRST time getting it done at a hair salon! The first time Hailee had her bangs cut, I did them...that's why they turned out to be like 1/2 an inch long! So I decided that I would have her bangs done the right way!
We took Hailee to Great Clips Saturday night. I made Gregg go with us because I thought that Hailee would be scared and cry and it would just be too much for me to handle all by myself! What was I thinking?!?! Hailee did GREAT!!!! She sat on my lap and let the lady cut her bangs. Not even one tear came! She was so brave! The lady who cut her hair was even nice enough to let us take her clippings home for her first "real" haircut!

Waiting for her turn
Getting her bangs cut! She did GREAT!

Now...I have no clue when we will cut the back. We want it to grow long! It will be sooo pretty!
Once we got home, we were back outside playing! Hailee decided she wanted to play with both toys at the same time...check out her skills on that!

Splish! Splash!

This past weekend we had BEAUTIFUL weather! We decided it was time to break in the pools! We all got a nice tan too!
"Landscaping"... I meant "Manscaping'" lol. Gregg getting ready for summer!
Hailee testing the water in her pool
Our little tan girl!
Hailee got a new life jacket! She already loves it!

Picnic at the Park

Friday the 17th of April we met up with our good friends, the Moyers, at the park for a picnic dinner! It was alot of fun! Especially for the kids! It is amazing to see how good of friends Hailee and Deacon already are! They get so excited when ever they see eachother! They are just soo cute! Also, Hailee learned to like SAND!!!! Yeah! Last time we were at this park she HATED having the sand touch her toes and hands. But thanks to Deacon's good example, she now LOVES it! That means the beach should be alot of fun with her this summer! Yeah!

Our Hippity Hoppity Easter

We had a WONDERFUL Easter! (And were able to celebrate it TWICE!!!! Woo hoo!)
On Thursday (9th) night we celebrated Easter with my parents. My parents got Hailee the CUTEST Easter gifts! They got her a couple little outfits and then a baby bunk bed! It was so hysterical because when we were putting the bunk bed together, Hailee wanted to be in it sooo bad! And eventually she made it in!
I'll fill you in... Hailee has been OBSESSED with her baby dolls. She has to feed them when ever she eats, changes their diapers, puts them to " ni night" and takes them everywhere! We thought that since she loved her dolls so much that they mine as well have their own bed too! Thank you Mom and Dad for the great Easter basket!
Hailee figured she would crawl in the bunk beds since she couldn't sit on it yet

Trying to crawl in the bottom bunk
Nope that didn't work. Ah hah! Top bunk is much better!

Friday morning the 10th we left for Utah to spend Easter weekend with Gregg's family! It was an exciting weekend....not only because it was Easter weekend, but also because we met his half brother and his family! It's a long story that I won't go into right now...but they never knew each other existed until this past December when Gregg and his sister found Chad! Gregg called Chad for the first time and it was so exciting for the both of them!
Leaving for Utah

We flew to Utah on Friday and then that night we went with Grandma and Grandpa Hardy to meet Chad, Kim, Maddy, Macall and Merrick! They are such an awesome family and we already have so much in common with them! It feels like we have known them FOREVER already! They are so much fun! We are so excited to have them in our lives now!
Gregg and his brother Chad

That night we had a great dinner, and then after wards Chad took us on a walk over to his fire station that he volunteers at! How awesome that it is with in walking distance! Once we got back, we dyed Easter eggs! Hailee had such a blast! (And so did everyone else!)

Ricky came down from Idaho Saturday evening to spend rest of Easter weekend with us! It was so fun! Definitely a special treat for us since he probably won't be back in CA till July! So we really were happy that he was able to come see us in Salt Lake.
Easter Sunday was great! That morning everyone came over to Grandpa and Grandma Hardy's house for the traditional holiday gathering. They made a wonderful brunch and then afterwards we went on the Easter egg hunt! It was so fun! I guess years ago they decided to put money in the eggs to get all of the adults to participate! So of course, this is something everyone looks forward to every year! Hailee wasn't too sure about it at first. There were alot of unfamiliar faces there, so she clung onto me most of the time. Later on she started to venture out on her own. Oh, before I forget! Hailee made bank in her Easter eggs! She made $41.00! Good job girl! Mommy and Daddy are proud of you!

Grease fire from cooking bacon on the bbq!
Overall, we had the best Easters ever! We really treasure the times we are able to spend with both sides of our families. They mean alot to us and we are so thankful for them!
We are also very thankful for our Saviour, Jesus Christ and for the Atonement of Christ.