Monday, March 22, 2010

34 Weeks Already?

I honestly can not believe that I am 34 weeks along! I feel like I was just doing my 30 week post. I have no clue where this past month went!
We are getting so anxious for little Jake to be coming into our family. We have both definitely begun the nesting phase...we have been working on Jake's room, cleaning, and Gregg has started the back yard. (Getting it ready for grass for Hailee!)

I have my official delivery date..... April 23rd at 7:30am! That means that I only have 4 weeks and 3 1/2 days to go! How crazy is that?!? I feel like there is still so much to get done, but I know that it will!
Hailee is also getting so excited! I had my first baby shower last week (Pics will come soon). Everyday Hailee organizes the clothes that we got from the shower (She has a thing of putting them from one gift bag to the other) and then she holds them up and says "Baby.." and rubs my tummy. She has been working on getting "Jakes" name down perfectly. It is so cute seeing her so excited now!
Enjoy my 34 week picture! I have grown alot, am ghostly white and have been sick the past several days, but here it is!

Friday, March 19, 2010


A few weeks ago, Hailee and I went with my parents to see the play "Cinderella" in Corona. One of our clients daughters was in the play so it made it even more fun to watch! These kids did such an amazing job! They were all so talented and the play was just darling! Hailee especially loved it. She sat on Grandma's lap for almost 2 solid hours laughing and clapping the entire time! She is one girl who definitely loves plays and music! Thanks Mom and Dad! We had so much fun!
The girl in the picture with us is Tonya's daughter (Tonya is a client)
The Fairy God Mother. She was only 13 and had the most incredible voice!
Us with the Prince and Cinderella

The ugly step sister. She was hilarious!

After the play, we were able to go up on stage. Hailee had so much fun playing on the set!
She is such a doll!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This and That

This past week or two has felt so busy, but looking back, I really haven't taken that many pictures. I guess its because the "busyness" has been doing things around the house...and come on, how exciting would it be to post pictures of loads of laundry, painting, and cleaning?
But, when we were out having fun, I did manage to take a few pictures.
Last week I had put Hailee's sides up and then braided them. Later that night when we took the braids out, her hair was wavy and looked darling! So I thought I would try and braid all of her hair so it would all be wavy! The braids were a success! But the waves were not. After about half an hour she started taking them all out! Her hair was still damp so it went straight. I was pretty bummed, but I will attempt this again!

One morning while Gregg was asleep, Hailee and I decorated a bunch of hearts to heart attack "daddy's car" for when he went to work. It was alot of fun! I'm really happy that we ended up doing it that day, especially because he ended up having to go to work soaking wet! No fun! (The story: Hailee had turned on the lights in my car and I didn't realize it until the battery was dead. It was pouring rain, my car was stuck in the garage, and of course I didn't leave room for Gregg's car, so Gregg had to push my car onto the driveway, and then jump start mine. And to remind you, it was POURING rain the entire time! He was soaked from head to toe and then had to rush off to work! He is one great husband!)

Since the weather has been beautiful lately, we have spent several days at the park! It's been so much fun!

This is the best hill ever; it's at the park and I don't know why, but alot of the times, Hailee would rather run up and down it instead of playing on the slides. I am definitely not complaining because it tires her out and her naps on these days are AMAZING! She has so much fun and we are so happy and blessed to have such an active little girl!

Hailee and her friends Morgan and McKayla at top of the hill
Hailee loves to go on walks. Some days she is full of energy and other days she is very serious on them. I am guessing this was one of her more serious days because she kept acting like she was thinking about something serious the entire time! She is too funny! In the evenings when it is too cold outside, we turn our kitchen into the "bubble" room! Hailee absolutely LOVES bubbles and loves to pop them!
That's about it for now! More new pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Growing Up...

I can't believe how fast Hailee is growing up. It is so bittersweet. We are so thrilled and excited to see her grow and learn but then sad to see her grow up so fast! She is such a special daughter to us and we love her more than words can ever express. She is constantly always on my mind and she is my angel.
Hailee is always so full of energy. It usually doesn't matter what time of day or night it is, she is always up for running around and dancing. She always keeps us on our toes and constantly has us cracking up all the time! She is hysterical! One of her newest things that she does (all through out the day) is she carries around my address book and opens it to a page and starts singing. Then when her song is done, she folds her arms and prays. She does this over and over and over! It's so amazing to see how much they learn at such a young age. She definitely is a girl who loves singing! She also repeats the ABC's to us (with our help) and she knows all of the hand signs to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Popcorn Popping, The Animal Song (They do it in nursery) Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and the Tooth brushing song from Barney. Everyday she surprises us with new things! I am definetely going to start teaching her more songs!
She is also following in our footsteps with loving to work out. She wants to go on daily walks, and if we are unable to, then she wants to go on a walk on the treadmill. She thinks the treadmill is so much fun! She also does work outs with Gregg. She will copy all of the movements that he is doing. She is going to be one active girl growing up!
She is such a joy in our lives and she is going to be such an amazing big sister! She is the sweetest little girl ever! We love her so much!